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Air Conditioning Technician and A part o



There’s nothing worse than walking into your home or business and realizing that your HVAC system isn’t working. It is hot and everyone is getting cranky. Luckily, Zip Air is a call away. Our service call is the first step of repairing your HVAC system. A Zip Air licensed technician will inspect your system for signs of leaks, problems with electrical connections and wiring, and efficient thermostat operation.

Most homeowners do not know too much about their HVAC system. Even the most enthusiastic DIYers often find central air and heating systems a bit beyond their reach. Tampering with an HVAC system when you have no experience can lead to further damage or potential injury. Therefore, it’s best to leave these types of problems up to the pros at Zip Air. In addition to having the knowledge and tools to repair your HVAC system, our professionals will usually be familiar with the newest products and techniques, and know ways to save you money.

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