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At Zip Air, our professional team of HVAC technicians know how important good airflow is. When it comes to ducting, one size does not fit all. Choosing the right AC and heating units for your home or business is only part of making sure your HVAC system operates properly. Your home needs ducting that is compatible with your units. Having improper ducting restricts airflow and causes your units to use more energy, and over time lowering their lifespan. Proper duct installation provides adequate airflow without forcing HVAC units to work harder than they should. Let our Zip Air team install the perfect duct system for your home


That’s why we’ve focused on building the best heating and cooling service team around!

Our technicians can locate the source of your HVAC problem & perform repairs.

Zip Air proudly serves Waco, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Our team is fully qualified, insured and licensed to provide HVAC services. 

We use high-quality replacement HVAC parts

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